“The only rules that really matter are these”

Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow 3“what a man can do and what a man can’t do.” – Captain Jack Sparrow

Libertarian Cody Wilson and his Texas-based organization, Defense Distributed, have been in the news the last few weeks for bringing to the world the inevitable.   While the creation of 3-D printed firearms is to anyone with an ounce of foresight, inevitable; in true Cody Wilson fashion he made sure the world knew  it had arrived and with it, an end to any debate regarding the founding fathers intentions in writing the second amendment. In a word, uninfringable.

This came as no surprise to those of us, over 250 thousand of us, who downloaded 3-D blueprints for firearms from Defcad in 2013.  In fact, I would assume this number is the reason for the relatively paltry total (a few thousand) who downloaded the blueprints for the short while they were online last week.  Not surprisingly, a district judge filed an injunction on the availability of the computer code while the Attorney Generals of eight states prepare their arguments to the world.

The ensuing blog posts and newspaper articles made for great entertainment the last few days.  One person thinks this, while another person thinks that.  These opinions are great philosophy and individuals opinions are as important the politicans’ opinions; which is to say not a damn bit important.

Politician autographed pieces are paper are nice and the threat of being put in a cage is effective to an extent but from this day forth a person CAN print an undetectible, unserialized firearm.  That is the new reality.  We have now reached catch-22 situation the government, any government, fears.  If they do nothing, the populace continues its power push solidifying the peoples’ role in shaping the future.  On the other hand, if the government pushes back it backfires on them two-fold.  First, people will comply to the extent they choose to comply.  Most independent-minded Americans will download the information and begin their journey in  questioning government oversight and their necessary role as a bit of an outlaw.  Once the idea that I must act outside of the law takes hold, a person really evaluates why they have complied for so long.  The government surely doesn’t like to push people down this road.

The second effect of governmental action: the citizens, and in the case of the US the world, would realize the emperor has no clothes.   It seems Americans on both sides of the aisle are in a bit of a fighting mood.  While it may take a state government to openly defy a law such as border security or marijuana possession, it only takes an individual to break a law regarding downloading computer code.  Remember when the government banned, well, anything?

Defiance is in America’s blood, yes, even the Americans who advocate socialism.  Americans are developing the type of mentality that has existed throughout most of the western hemisphere for most of a few hundred years.

A man or woman can now wake up in the morning and say to themselves “I am fearful today”.  Maybe of an ex-lover, maybe of a neighbor, maybe of a tyrannical government.  Whatever that fear may be it will take the push of a button to create for themselves the ability to have a fighting chance of stopping their fear dead in its tracks.  To me this is a world I have long looked forward to but, then again, my thoughts don’t matter and neither do yours.

-Monty Brant, Freedom Uncompromised

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